Kloppenburg/Prosser Supreme Court election results

Update: the supreme court recount is complete. Data available at the GAB website. The differences aren’t large enough to warrant updating this map.

I’ve pulled together a quick map of Wisconsin’s election returns:
Election results - Kloppenburg
Source: AP
Certified election results will be available at the WI GAB website.

If anyone needs a pub quality map, shoot me an email.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Author: ericcompas

Eric Compas, Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in the Geography and Geology Department.

78 thoughts on “Kloppenburg/Prosser Supreme Court election results”

  1. It would be awesome if you could also indicate on that same map districts of the senators who are facing recall efforts.

    1. In Clark & Taylor counties? A miracle. I’ve lived in both, and those are some hardcore non-progressive types. I’m actively watching this from Rhode Island, keep up the information!

    2. It would require the people of Wisconsin suddenly becoming stupid enough to listen to the cry baby union employees and silly college kids pontificating on the air. Liberal radio doesn’t work, because liberal policies don’t work, and they are easy to refute on a talk radio format. Stick to attempting to lie in TV and radio adds, you’ll have more success.

  2. Thanks again, Eric!! Found the map again thanks to@Pash1994 ! Really does a nice job of showing how divided Wisconsin is! Shades and all. Can your put a similar map together that shows political shifts over the years? Through my home district of Portage was and still is deep blue, my memory of Wisconsin was always more blue than red… Although this map is only about the Kloppenburg-Possner race, it still seems somewhat indicative Could be wrong… am I?

    1. OK, so I guess Kloppenliberal can’t recount either? No wait, that would be fair and logical, and liberalism is based on a smart elite running things.

  3. How does this map of supreme court election results compare to a map of WI state legislatve districts, especially the 8 districts with republican recall efforts underway? How were the April 5 votes distributed in those 8 districts?

  4. This is really fascinating. Why the dark blue in the north? Now I’m wishing I’d studied more state politics in college, instead of focusing on the court system and constitutional law.

    1. Maybe because they’re so close to Canada? Haha, seriously, I’m not entirely sure. Duluth/Superior tend to vote liberal, and plenty of those counties have sizeable Native American populations or reservations, which I’m sure helps to swing them to the left. (Menominee, the lonely blue state out there in the east, is so blue because its population is almost 90% Native American.) UW-Superior and Northland College probably help, although they’re small enough that I’m not sure how much of a dent they can actually make.

    2. One issue: the farming communities are very concerned that Walker’s cuts to rural school districts will force them back to the old days of one-room K-8 schoolhouses and county-wide unified high school districts.

    3. At the Fighting Bob post election party on Weds. Ed Garvey made a joke about how for a long time the Democratic party was 1st on the ballot in Ashland County, and the Communist party was 2nd. He mentioned a long tradition of radical Finns. Makes me want to visit.

    4. Because the counties up North have little industry, so they depend on the government taking money by force, from some other people, and giving it to them. They vote for the people who promise them the most confiscated money, which is how David Obey kept getting reelected every year since 1969, until 2010.

  5. Your color coding for the red is backwards, isn’t it? The bright red should be used for the strongest Republican-leaning districts, I would think. As shown, a bright red county may have been only .1% away from being blue. The point would be better proven by only the three southeast counties being dramatically red. The rest of the state would then be “colored” as it truly voted — more centered around the 50/50 mark.

  6. As I watched the results roll in last night, I did a little prediction after some arithmetic and made an entry about the final number. The tightness of this race really concerns me because yesterday is the MOST fired up progressive/liberal voters will ever be. EVER. Hopper will probably not lose a recall as his counties supported Tosser commandingly, and I doubt that any of those that supported Tosser would support any Dem running against the bed Hopper. I am now doubtful about Walker losing a recall election. Such a sad day. It might be time to move, or at least hang up the political boxing gloves. I don’t want to live in a state this purple. It might be better than red, but not by much.

  7. The SW Corner that is blue is the 32nd recall Kapanke district. The area north of Madison is the Luther Olsen recall district.

  8. I’ve been searching for a county-by-county assessment of political views in Wisconsin forever! I’m so glad to have something that halfway passes. Lots of great suggestions for additions too!

  9. I am happy for Wisconsin; I think many people there have demonstrated that when push comes to shove people support the common folk. Yes, there is very much red and shades of red, but the political climate is shifting. Living in Arizona now, how I wish we had the courage to demand some action here regarding all kinds of issues including immigration laws that are not from here but from the national forum, gun control, education. The list goes on and on and on. So thank you Wisconsin.

  10. “The tightness of this race really concerns me because yesterday is the MOST fired up progressive/liberal voters will ever be. EVER. ”

    Yup. If that’s the best you lefties can do, you are in serious trouble. The Republican legislature and Gov. Walker will be emboldened to ram through a re-vote with serious budget cuts AND elimination of collective bargaining, which will make moot all procedural objections to the original legislation. It won’t even make it before the Supreme Court. The unions will be de-funded, having blown their last pennies on this Pyhrric victory, and as you can see they are on the run in other states all over the country. Trade unionism and endless, rapacious government growth are at the end of the line in Wisconsin as elsewhere. And the rest of the Republican agenda will proceed nicely. Hello, concealed weapons and meaningful voter ID. Mwaahahah. It’s still a great time to be a hard core, government-hating, union-busting right winger.

    1. Amen on that…. my property taxes doubled in the last 2 yrs… folks in my condo complex have to move in with family cause they cant afford it anymore.. why they dont get media spotlight? Only the earring wearing libs beating drums seem to get any press… Hoorah for Prosser and the loss of these progressive wieners in WI.. Its simply time to get real and share the pain….

      1. It was very depressing to see the violent nature of the Union Thugs and leftist radicals destroying our capital, and marching around with hate filled signs. What happen to the new era? Kindergarden teachers sending death threats to Republicans? The taxpayers have elected, in free and fair elections, our representatives to strip unions of collective bargining rights. That’s called democracy, and despite all the nondemocratic tactics, the gig is up liberals!

  11. Kapanke’s counties (Jackson, Trempelau, La Crosse, Crawford, Vernon) voted Democrat. Looks good for recall.
    Harsdorf (Polk, Burnett, St. Croix, Pierce) all Red. Not a good outlook
    Cowles (Oconto, Shawano, Outagamie, Brown) 35-45% red
    Hopper (Winnebago, Fond du Lac) 35-50% red
    Lazich (Milwaukee, Waukesha, Walworth, and Racine) all but milwaukee red
    Olsen (Green Lake and parts of Marquette, Fond du Lac, Columbia, Sauk, Waupaca, Waushara and Adams Counties) Sauk, Colombia, and Adams were blue.
    Grothman (parts of Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Washington, and Dodge Counties) 0-49% red

    1. “All red” is not quite true – If this map were by recall district – not by counties – you would see that Sen District 10 is blue, not red. Lots of real estate – mostly wooded 🙂 – not a lot of voters.

      Preliminary numbers – (not official) – gathered from county election reports of individual townships and municipalities

      48.7% Prosser (18,241)
      51.3% Kloppenburg (19,202)

      Senate District 10 –

      1. You’re correct. The map with senate districts should be taken with a big dose of interpretation — need to know more about where the voters are. Trying to get ward-level data to explore these details.

  12. Great map! A lot of interesting applications as suggested by many; as an overlay of the recall targets, as an overlay of Congressional targets (Paul Ryan, anyone?), and more.

    Please note also though; while Prosser actually did better than Walker in MKE County, the County Exec post went 61% Dem!
    Also, Outagamie County Exec went about 51% Dem compared to Prosser’s 55%. So, the news in some areas is actually better than it may appear. I don’t understand the MKE dynamics, but Outagamie County is Prosser’s homebase, so he retained some personal appeal, while Dems otherwise did great!

  13. I apologize for jumping into what may be a local conversation, but I wanted to commend the author(s) of this site for adding content to what has become a national debate. Many thanks from someone who’s not from Wisconsin.

    Also, Brett Favre sucks. Unless you disagree. And then, of course, I agree with you. [Duck/cover]

  14. This map, to me seems pretty useless without the population/votes cast ratios…. just pretty colors with little meaning….

  15. The far north blue may be due to a 100 year old history of miner’s unions, Northland College, progressive Finns, Bad River Reservation and a great liberal radio station from the rez!

  16. Re:coot. Yes liberal radio stations may have a difficult time financially because it costs around 2 to 6 million to buy a station. Then you need to finance that debt. Then pay to run it. And if you don’t want to sell out to corporate advertisers finances are going to be a problem. BUT that doesn’t mean that they don’t have wide listenership and create an informed electorate!

    1. By definition, if lefty radio had a wide listener base it would not have a money problem. Lefty radio fails because of a lack of advertising. Advertising is lacking because of too small an audience. That’s the free market…which the left hates…in action.

    2. It’s remarkable and sad how silly your statement of “selling out to corporate America”, actually sounds. It silly becasue as another poster pointed out, corporations will advertise anywhere there are listeners, who fit the demographic they are trying to reach. Are all the corporations too evil for you Barb? Do you think we should all work for the Government? It’s sad that someone would post something so foolish. Anyone with even a casual understanding of history, would know how tragically things turn out with all powerful Governments. You must be a product of liberal teacher indoctrination syndrome. There is a cure. Pick up a book and read.

  17. I’d also like to see a map of the districts with recall elections pending as well as a map indicating average income levels for each county. Very interesting!

  18. District 10 – Sheila Harsdorf – went to Kloppenburg by 1000+ votes, though the real estate – Polk, St Croix counties – are “red”. St Croix County, a republican stronghold, went to Prosser by less than 300 votes, < 1%

    THAT is a big deal. HUGE.

      1. Apparently not many of the posters on this page understand what reality is and would rather live in a fantasy world where nobody is mean, dihonest or steals? If they understood reality, they would realize the danger of Kloppenliberal running against Scott Walker, when she is running for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She is suppose to judge the law not make it. If she wants to be Governor, then she should run and lose that election too.

  19. Prosser wins by landslide. Fleebagger Democrat senators soon to be recalled. Total reupdiation of progressive/socialist/communist public employee union pigs with their noses in the public trough. All you Kloppenbugers please move to California so that all you people will be there when the Big One hits. Sayonara.

  20. As an ex-UAW member, I’ve seen the corruption that unions have decended into. When there are 100s of millions of $$s involved, it’s inevitable. The unions are no different than the corporations they purport to oppose. They are no more concerned with the welfare of their members than a corporation is with the welfare of their customers. It’s all about the money. Walter must be spinning.

  21. Recalled Repubs? The only ones looking at losing their…seats…are the fleebagger Dems who refused to do the jobs they were elected to do. And who knows the reality in Wisconsin? The Wisconsin voters, who won’t allow the left to steal yet another election now. You had your shot. You didn’t vote enough of the dead.

  22. Folks….I have read all of the stream above, and am saddened by the
    polarized views and assassinated characters within. All of us strive
    (sometimes failing) to be tolerant of those of different races, disabilities,
    and sexual orientations, but tolerance toward those of different political
    stripes seems wanting?? Prosser, Kloppenburg, Obama, Walker…..
    all these people are trying to improve our shared world; none of them
    wishes to deliver evil upon us. And yes, I am serious. Disagree, but
    please respectfully listen to the opposition. I am 300 years old, and
    do not wish to be the only survivor for my 400th birthday.

  23. A couple of interesting detail would be….

    1) Number of public union members in each red county. Madison for example, is infested with them.
    2) Number of dollars spent by the public unions per county. Millions of dollars flowed into the state from the Union coffers to turn this election to the Democrats.

    Just wondering?

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