Supreme Court election results and recall senate districts

As suggested by comments on yesterday’s map, here are maps showing the districts of republican and democratic senators facing recalls superimposed on the Kloppenburg/Prosser results (note the change in color scheme to portray the middle of the distribution more appropriately for this map). Take caution in interpreting these maps. Given that senate districts cover portions of counties and counties vary considerably in their populations, the distribution and number of voters within each county could mean a substantially different “color” for the senate district as a whole. Ward-level election data would be much more appropriate for a recall analysis, but it’s not available for the whole state yet (will be available here).
Republican recalls

Democrat recalls
Sources: WI GAB and AP

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Author: ericcompas

Eric Compas, Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in the Geography and Geology Department.

7 thoughts on “Supreme Court election results and recall senate districts”

  1. Looking at these maps it would appear difficult to recall many of the Repub Senators. This will not be the case though. First off, almost everywhere you see blue there are a ton more voters than where you see red. Secondly, by only using two colors, you theoretically could have one vote decide whether a county is blue or red. St Croix county for example has been surging GOP the last several years with double digit leads for Repubs. In this race it was nearly 50/50 with Prosser barely edging Klop. This is actually a huge under-performance area for the GOP in this election. Lastly, and probably the most important factor is that in normal years Klop would have been lucky to get 40% statewide. No offense, but she was running against a well known incumbent and no one seemed to know who she was a few months ago. For example, in the Outagamie County Exec race a well known progressive beat a well known conservative by 4 points (52-48). At the same time Pross beat Klopp in the same county by a whopping 17 points (57-43). With better known candidates running against GOP recall nominees, I would say you could conservatively add several percentage points to each of the counties results from the SC race.

    1. I agree with you, and I’ve changed the color scheme as you’ve suggested to better reflect the middle of the distribution. I agree that interpreting these maps comes with a large dose of salt. There’s both the distribution of voters within the districts to consider and the different dynamics of a recall.

    1. Yes. GOP and Tea Party also started a recall of Dems.

      PEOPLE. It’s not so much who votes, but who COUNTS the votes!!!
      DEMAND Paper Ballots Hand-Counted in Public at the Polls.

      You need to have your OWN honest citizens visibly seeing each box of ballots and its counting BEFORE the ballots are moved ANYWHERE.

      Any other way of voting and counting votes opens itself up to a multitude of ways to subvert the election results. And the stealing of elections is usually done by those that are supposed to secure and control election materials.

      And certainly you should NOT accept the results that are created inside an electronic voting or counting machine controlled by some corporate pre-bought “technician” or stored at any time inside the home or office of any single official!

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